Our Message to You

February 4th, 2021

To all our current and former SHLD customers:

We wanted to take a moment to offer an apology to all of you who placed your trust and confidence in us recently. We let you down, and for that we offer you our sincere apologies.

As a young but enthusiastic company, we have faced many challenges that are common to businesses who are just getting started. We don't feel that our issues are unique to us, nor were they any more difficult for us to face than any other company. But we do feel that we did a poor job of handling these challenges, and for that, we again want to say, we’re sorry.

First and foremost, we did a poor job of earning your trust. We failed at being as open and transparent as we should have been. When you chose to do business with SHLD you placed your trust in us as well as your hard-earned money, and we feel we’ve let you down.

In hindsight, our biggest failure was not properly communicating with you all. We definitely had some growing pains, and we did a poor job of keeping you informed and allowing you to make your own decisions as to whether or not our products were right for you based on our manufacturing schedules. We should have done better.

Losers make excuses, winners make changes. We’re winners, and we are making many changes to our procedures and business structure, so we never fail our customers again. To make things right, we are restaffing a few critical positions, including our recent addition of a new production manager who has outlined the required areas of improvement and has already solved our material access issues. Our next tasks are to improve our communication channels, and to better manage our manufacturing expectations and capabilities. Just last week our management team met and outlined our process for resolving these issues as well, so we expect to have visible improvements in these areas as well within in the next 60 days. All of these improvements will translate into a better product, but more importantly a better customer experience.

So again, we apologize for making such a poor first impression. We hope that by implementing these process improvements here at SHLD we may one day be given a second chance to earn your business and your trust. In the meanwhile, we are issuing refunds to any customers who would like them, and for those who are willing to continue to wait, we say thank you, and we think you’ll notice a dramatic difference in our operations immediately.

For refunds, please email: df@shldmfg.com

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- The SHLD MFG Team